Laser Scan-, Fluoreszence- & Light-Microscopy

The Core Facility Imaging is located in the Anna Spiegel Building – Center of Translational Research. In the area of Imaging a large variety of techniques is available to address complex problems in vitro, in situ and in vivo. The Imaging Core Facility provides state-of-the-art equipment for committed work in this field. Upon request, experienced staff members offer their support and know-how for establishing and troubleshooting of novel experimental strategies.

The available systems support high resolution imaging of tissue sections or cells, 3D and 4D acquisition, visualization of protein-protein interactions (like FRET) and live cell imaging. Furthermore the facility offers workstations to the users, which allow an onsite evaluation and processing of their data with the suitable software. 

In addition the area of microscopy the core facility houses a small histology unit for sample preparation. This is equipped with one cryostat and two microtomes. The microtomes are only to cut paraffin embedded material for the purpose of RNA and DNA extraction. 

For performing live cell imaging the facility provides a fully equipped cell culture lab. 

To use the instruments in the facility a training given by the facility staff is an indispensable prerequisite. It is prohibited to use microscopes without this training and moreover users who have been trained  are not permitted to train other users! During the training users will get the login data for our booking calendar and are then able to book the systems by themselves. 

The opening hours of the facility are Mo.-Fr. between 9.00 and 17.00. It is possible to use the facility out of opening hours, however in this case please contact the facility staff early enough in order to ensure practical arrangements!

Head: The leadership of CF Imaging will be newly filled.

News: We mourn the passing of the former head of the CF Imaging Unit, Priv.-Doz. Marion Gröger, PhD. (For more info click here.)


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