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Attention: Uninterrupted operation of the Core Facilities despite construction work nearby

The access road "Lazarettgasse" is closed due to construction work. For the site plan including the pedestrian detour, please click on the link.

© Heidrun Henke

The Core Facilities for Bioinformatics, Flow Cytometry, Genomics, Imaging, Mass Cytometry and Proteomics at the Medical University of Vienna provide scientists with easy access to high-end equipment and cutting edge technology to address highly sophisticated research questions.

The Core Facilities are operated by excellently trained and highly experienced staff that are well prepared and happy to assist researchers with their expertise in planning and streamlining the experiments in order to optimize the use of available resources. In addition, the Core Facilities see it as their task to constantly develop and establish new techniques and methods to ensure that future needs and demands of the scientific community can be met efficiently and with highest quality standards.

15. May 2024

Scientific Milestone Award of the 2024 Exner Lectures

Scientific Milestone Award for Philipp Velicky
29. January 2024

AfricaUniNet project

A guest at the Core Facilities: Saidou Mahmoudou, MSc. (from CERMEL research institute in Lambaréné, Gabon)
20. December 2023

Marion Gröger Award 2023 - Presentation of prizes

We can now introduce the winners.
04. October 2023

Competition Marion Gröger Award

An award was initiated in memory of the first head of the Core Facility Imaging, Marion Gröger, who passed away in 2022.