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Flow Cytometry

High-speed sorting and high-end analysis of biological material

Flow cytometry is an important and widely used technique for the analysis of biological material.

To take full advantage of this technique, extensive experience and expertise are required, but are not always available. For this purpose, the Core Facility Flow Cytometry centralizes technical equipment that is operated by experienced personnel.

In addition, the Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides expert advice on project planning as well as project support.


  • High-speed sorting - 4 way sorting, sorting with up to 25,000 events/second
  • Sorting of heterogeneous cell populations to single cell populations
  • Sorting under temperature-controlled conditions in tubes, in plates, on slides ...
  • High-end analysis and functional assays
  • Stand alone computers that can be used for offline analyses. Existing software packages include: Diva, Kaluza, FlowJo, Phoenix Multicycle AV, ModFit.
  • In-depth expertise in flow cytometry and expert advice on planning your experiments

Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Spittler

Head of CF Flow Cytometry

Günther Hofbauer, MSc