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As of September 2018, Mag.a rer. nat. rer. nat. Sophia Derdak is in charge of the bioinformatic data analyses at the MUV Core Facilities, in particular for the Core Facility RNA Genomics.

Her tasks center around the construction and testing of reproducible analysis workflows for the most common types of experiments performed at the Core Facilities, the initial analysis following a sequencing experiment and delivery of results to the researchers with project-specific annotations for interpretation. Analyses are run on a Linux server at MUV ITSC, as well as on several local work stations at the Core Facilities.

Her analysis support helps to bridge the gap between wet lab experiment and data processing, with the aim to extract as much biomedically relevant information as possible from precious samples and costly experiments.

The bioinformatic services offered include:

  • contact person for collaborations on transcriptome sequencing, regarding experimental design for complex sample group combinations, project-specific settings and tailored analyses, such as composite genomes, non-model organisms etc.
  • updated information on recently developed analysis software, mainly open source (incl. R/Bioconductor), as well as user-friendly desktop and web-based analysis tools
  • testing of recently published analysis tools for data which are relevant in the context of the experimental portfolio of the Core Facility RNA Genomics, and eventually integration of novel tools into the initial analysis workflows
  • individual consultation with customers of the Core Facilities, before or after performing a sequencing experiment
  • tutorials for colleagues at the MUV
  • speaker at technological seminars and workshops
  • liaising with technological companies for personalized experiments and analysis

Mag.a Sophia Derdak