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Mass Cytometry

To study and understand the mechanisms of disease pathogenesis a deep phenotyping of cell populations is required.

Multiparametric analysis methods have become indispensable to detect as many markers as possible in one single sample from sometimes limited material. We help to advance your research project by providing you access to mass cytometry services!

Mass cytometry is a multiparametric analysis method on single cell level. As it follows some principles of flow cytometry a single cell suspension for mass cytometry can be prepared with similar protocols used in flow cytometry. Current detection allows the simultaneously measurement of more than 50 protein markers per cell by the use of metal isotope-conjugated antibodies for detection.

In addition to the analysis of single cells in suspension we offer an Imaging Mass Cytometry platform (IMC ®) to perform multiparametric detection of 35 plus protein markers on tissue sections (frozen or formalin fixed, paraffin embedded) or cell smears on glass slides.  Analogous to protocols commonly applied in IHC metal isotope-tagged antibodies are used to label epitopes on biological samples to identify protein targets on subcellular resolution and the study of cell types within their spatial context in the tissue.

A great advantage of mass cytometry is the minimal signal overlap in neighbouring mass channels and the lack of autofluorescence issues enabling for easy panel design and a confident interpretation of the data.



We want to support you with our best services tailored to your individual projects. To get the maximum out of your data please contact us in time to schedule a meeting to discuss your project.

  • Technical support and consultation for research projects
  • Support of users regarding protocols, sample preparation and antibody labelling
  • Sample acquisition
  • Quality control of acquired data
  • Hyperion: IMC measurements can be performed outside of regular facility opening hours

Service fees

Costs will be calculated individually per project. Please contact us.

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