Core Facility Genomics - an overview

The Core Facility Genomics of the Medical University of Vienna operates as a full-service genomics facility providing research scientists and clinicians with services for high throughput analyses of genomes and transcriptomes, in close collaboration with the Biomedical Sequencing Facility of the CeMM / the Austrian Academy of Sciences.
The Core Facility Genomics performes routinely RNA expression profiling and DNA variation analysis of samples of human, mouse and other organisms.
See details on our Services RNA and Services DNA page.
Among others, we operate Illumina technologies for sequencing and Affymetrix GeneChip technologies. See details on our Equipment page.
Our services include project design, wet-lab experimental procedures as well as data analysis and help with the interpretation of results. Our team is looking forward to answer to your questions and needs.
Please find a list of publications with the participation of Core Facility Genomics on our page publications.


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